Benefits of a Visit to The Nature Place

Sunrise Conference Center Near Colorado Springs

Humans in Nature—The Nature Place:
“Where amazing experiences happen”

As Richard Louv says in his book, Last Child in the Woods, there is a growing body of evidence indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for physical and emotional health and for reducing stress. Research shows that nature helps people recover from normal psychological wear and tear and increases our capacity to focus. The Human Relationship with Nature, by Peter Kahn, points to the findings of more than 100 studies that confirm that stress reduction is a main benefit of spending time in the outdoors. Furthermore, it has been said by many historians that American creativity comes largely from our freedom, our physical space, and our mental space. America’s genius has been nurtured by nature! For more information:

In the book The Nature Fix, Florence Williams states that not only is creativity enhanced but so are feelings of generosity, vitality and our mood is improved when we spend even a little time in nature. Blood pressure, stress hormones and feelings of frustration are reduced. Our immune system is strengthened and increased alpha waves in the brain result in calm and alertness through contact with nature.

Come to The Nature Place to disconnect—so that you can reconnect with what is important for you.

“There is no separation that is more pervasive in this age of anxiety than our disconnection with the natural world.”
– Theodore Roszak, Author & Psychologist

“I think that we are all children of nature. As a species, humans have grown up in the natural world, and although people in modern times are often trapped in systems created by humans—like cities—they continue to see meaning in the outdoors.” 

– Roger A. Sanborn, Co-founder,
Colorado Outdoor Education Center