Team Building Programs

Our Team Development activities help you to:

  • Identify team member’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understanding others’ styles – how to blend these for greater success in achieving common team goals.
  • Adapt your own communication style in order to create a better connection with others – internally or externally.
  • Reduce frustration and increase effectiveness with your team’s communication.
  • Enhance self-awareness & how you affect others on the team.
  • Practice implementing specific techniques used by highly functioning teams.


The ability to work well together depends on an understanding of the differences in learning styles and personality types. We use Insights Discovery exercises to gain an easily used and comprehensive analysis of each team member’s attributes. This is a very powerful and useful tool to begin a team building program.

The evaluator takes about 20 minutes to take online, is easily understood, and relates specifically to improving work and home relationships. A powerpoint presentation emphasizes and grounds the learnings, while added fun experiential exercises allow the participants to practice acting on their new awareness using the Insights tool. 

The Nature Place Colorado Conference Center near Colorado Springs offers Insights Discovery Exercises

(ON THE GROUND) Time frame: 3 hours to 2 days

Our team & leadership challenge course uses obstacles and world-class facilitation to create scenarios that are solvable more effectively by strong teamwork & creative leadership than by individual efforts. We design a progression of activities that allow the learnings to build on each other throughout the event. Learning how to work together more efficiently in your workplace is the focus of these activities. We have several days worth of challenges that we can choose from depending on your goals and objectives of the event, and the design can focus on effective teamwork OR on leadership development.  Experiencing the Insights Discovery System before these activities provides great results. 

The Nature Place Colorado Conference Center near Colorado Springs offers Insights Discovery Exercises

HIGH ROPES COURSE Time frame: 3 – 8 hours

Many of our Colorado corporate retreats use the High Ropes Course to provide a safe environment for groups to experience exciting team challenges and to discover unknown capabilities. With qualified and seasoned facilitators, teams work through obstacles 20 to 30 feet above the ground. Unforgettable experiences in commitment, effective risk taking, and group support help expand personal limits, create self-confidence and build real deep trust within the team.  

The Nature Place High Ropes Course in Colorado

ORIENTEERING  Time frame: 3 hours to 1 day

Clearly communicating an identified goal and the ability to reach it together are hallmarks of highly successful people and organizations. Orienteering is the process of finding one’s way through the forest and meadows of The Nature Place property using compass, topographic map, effective teamwork, dynamic communication, strong leadership skills, and one of our trained facilitators. This exercise can also be paired with Insights Discovery exercises, other team and leadership challenges, or designed as a competition.

The Nature Place Colorado Conference Center near Colorado Springs offers Insights Discovery Exercises


With expert instruction and safe technical climbing gear, rock climbing and rappelling is an enormously rewarding personal and team experience to share with your teammates. We have several wonderful natural climbing and rappelling sites on the property, all with amazing views. 

The Nature Place Conference Center Near Colorado Springs