Client Resources

Resources and information for our clients that book events and activities with us. Downloadable and online tools and information are found here for program preparation use.

Fine Dining Corporate Retreat Venue near Colorado Springs Conference Center and Retreats

Downloadable documents:

–The Nature Place Business Pre-Arrival and General Information is a great list of what’s and how to’s. download

–Worksheet for setting up the SportsPlex conference room. download

–Worksheet for setting up the Bristlecone conference room. download

–Worksheet for setting up a general conference room. download

–Teller County fire bans explained. download Teller County web site:

 Special Dietary Meals available for purchase. 

All of the following resources will require that you have permission to use. Before you can login and use these resources call The Nature Place and get your account permissions setup.

–Health and Liability forms how to and links to use

Typical menus

–Hors d’oeuvres and items to go with a social